The Maddog Rugby – Men’s Rugby Endowed Fund

Community Driven Success

Men’s Rugby is proud to partner with our alumni, parents, friends, businesses and the Northeastern University Community in the continued success of rugby at Northeastern University. Together we are dedicated to excellence on and off the field, and with your support we will continue to compete at the highest levels, honor the Maddog tradition and foster teamwork, character and professionalism for the Northeastern Rugby Community.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Donation Allocation

Coaches Salaries

To endow the salaries of one head coach and two assistant coaches. This will allow us the ability to retain and recruit top tier coaches, and provide continuity for our student athletes.

Long-Distance Transportation

To provide support for the two to three flights a year the team will take to compete in Nationals and invitationals.

Short-Distance Transportation

To provide buses and professional drivers, so our student athletes can use the travel time productively and travel as a unit.

Athletic Trainers

To cover the cost of a full-time trainer to support the team at practice and games.

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Cover the cost of two days a week.

Rugby Kits

To sponsor the cost of training and game kits, so our team looks like a team at all times.


It is estimated that a Rugby player will pay between $600 and $2,500 a year out of pocket depending on the team’s success. Help support a student in need who is passionate about playing Rugby and representing your team.

Training Equipment

To acquire and maintain proper practice equipment such as tackle pads and rugby balls.

Financial Information

Tax Deductions/Company Matching Northeastern University’s Tax ID #: 04-1679980